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  • Hewlett-Packard 45611A (HP-150) Serial no. 2348F02441
  • HP 9121D dual 3,5" disc drive Serial no. 2229A20029


  • Kindly donated by a friend who's (parents) used it to do the accounting for their business.


  • boots PAM and DOS 2.11 from original floppy (HP 150 SYS MASTER A.01.04) using the 9121 dual floppy unit.
  • touchscreen doesn't work.
  • the first drive of the 9121 unit is broken.


  • tried to fix the touchscreen as described in the Service Manual: removed bezel and cleaned dust from the LEDs.
  • because the 150 boots from unit 0, I set the working drive to 0 and the other to 1 using the dip switches on the drives inside the unit. Not ideal because drive 1 is marked 0 and vice versa, it would be better to swap the drive slots too.

To Do

  • try cleaning the touchscreen LEDs more thoroughly or find possible other cause of failure.
  • transfer software found on hpmuseum.net (see ImageDisk)
  • swap the drives of the 9121.
  • try to fix the broken drive.
  • use the 9133 from the HP250, the 250 has less need for it because it can use emulated drives.