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Using the software and hardware described here:

  • on the TransferPC
  • using the suggested 75HC245 to protect the parallel port.
  • only 2 probes

I've used these settings to debug the audio circuits of the MEK6800:

  • trigger channel: 1 (I wish I could disable triggering)
  • pre-trigger delay: 0
  • sample size: 2000
  • sample period: 2 (this is the resolution, but don't set to 1)
  • granularity (read only): 1.65 us.
  • zoom: length 5.28 ms


  • while sampling, you cannot interact with the PC at all!
  • so be careful with continuous mode: you get a brief chance to stop after each sample period (which can be long depending on the settings)
  • the sampling first waits for a trigger, i.e. a transition on the trigger channel.

To Do

Possible improvements: