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  • Siemens-Nixdorf Scenic 4L
  • 80486SX 25Mhz
  • 32MB RAM (in 2 72pin slots)
  • 2 ISA slots
  • Onboard VGA, parallel, 2 serial, PS/2 keyb+mouse
  • IDE 260MB HD
  • 3,5" floppy
  • Pizzabox case, no free bays for additional disks


Currently FreeBSD 3.3 is installed. As an optimization, the kernel was customized for this hardware.

It has a 3COM Etherlink III ethernet card installed.

It has 2 16MB simms (60ns, 70ns) installed. Although not optimal, I chose them because they have gold contacts like the slots.

The HD is the original one I think. It's a Maxtor 7270AV. (If you need to reset the bios: c/h/s = 959/11/50)

I replaced the CMOS battery.


I tried netbootdisk but it doesn't work.

 N:\> unuharcd x -y+ -tN:\ N:\files.uha
 UnUHARC 0.6b ....
 Processing archive "N:\FILES.UHA"
 ERROR: Not enough memory
 Process aborted.