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This is an ISA AT Card featuring:

  • 1 IDE port
  • 1 floppy port
  • 2 serial ports
  • 1 parallel port
  • 1 game port

The card was part of a 486DX66.

It has two ICs:

  • UM82C863F
  • UM82C865F

The PCB is marked with TK-82C863/865-2J-D02

There is a jumper block:

Jumper Position Description
1-2 2-3
JP1 COM2 COM4 Serial port 2 switch
JP2 Enabled Disabled Serial port 2
JP3 Enabled Disabled Game port
JP4 COM1 COM3 Serial port 1 switch
JP5 LPT1 LPT2 Parallel port switch
JP6 Enabled Disabled Serial port 1
JP7 Enabled Disabled Floppy Controller
JP8 Exist Not Exist Other HDC
JP9 Enabled Disabled IDE HDC
JP10 Enabled Disabled Parallel port

And two additional jumpers:

  • J2: HD LED

COM1 and 3 use IRQ 4, and COM2 and 4 use IRQ 3.

If this IO Card is the only HDC in your computer, then the switch JP8 must be at NOT EXIST.

Thanks to the info I found here.

The card may be of interest because:

  • it has an old floppy controller (which is important for floppy imaging)
  • it has an old parallel port (for use with an X1541 cable)

The difficulty is to avoid IRQ conflicts. How to disable the on board devices in pentium-age PCs in favour of this card?