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  • Atari 800 XL, Serial no. 10333 (CA024808-001 REV.A)
  • Atari 1050 disk drive


Donated by a friend.


The computer is in working condition.

Both power supply and SIO cable are missing.

The disk drive is untested as I don't have a SIO cable. The disk drive also lacks a power supply.


  • Initially the computer was not functioning, it only showed a black screen. To fix I did with help from the AtariAge forum:
    • Reseated all ICs
    • Swapped most ICs with a known good 600XL: the 5 big ICs, 2 ROMs, MMU (U3), delay line (U29)
    • replaced one RAM chip by a D4164C-15 stolen from a 8088 PC motherboard. This fixed the problem.

To Do

  • Clean outside.
  • Connect the disk drive.
    • Find a SIO cable.
  • Buy a SIO to PC adapter to exchange data with the outside world.

Usage Hints

  • Self test: press option while powering on or type 'BYE' from BASIC.